Essay on Analysis Of Robert Cialdini 's ' Writing ' Pre Suasion '

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It’s no longer a secret that we do not have the full control over our personal decision-making process. Even though we often say the last word about situations that directly influences our circumstances, it would be inaccurate to claim that other agents’ opinions and persuasion techniques do have any impact on our actions. In fact, we are constantly being persuaded into tasting meals that otherwise would not be on our plate by corporate companies, politicians, and even our own family members and friends. Carol Tavris, a social psychologist that often appears in credible news sources such as the New York Times and the Scientific American, explores this phenomenon through her article “Want to Get People to ‘Yes’? Follow the Lessons of Robert Cialdini’s ‘Pre-Suasion’” effectively. This article, published in the Wall Street Journal on September 16, 2016, consults another social psychologist’s book to advise its audience about techniques that creates a successful road to convincing people to say yes. Tavris evaluates Robert Cialdini’s book ‘Pre-Suasion’ through her coherent use of syntax, tone, and audience analysis, consequently persuading her readers to invest in this book.
Tavris establishes a coherent syntax that allows her narrative to be easily comprehensible by her audience, which eventually persuades her reader into investing in ‘Pre-Suasion’. She accomplishes a coherent syntax by using a balanced mixture of different sentence lengths, types, and punctuations. Although…

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