Reefer Madness Summary

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In the introduction of Reefer Madness by Eric Schlosser, he explains how the black market, also known as the underground, has been growing in not only the United States but also in many other countries over the last forty years. When most people think about the black market they automatically think of a gangster who is smuggling guns, immigrants, and drugs. What most don't realize is, even when a bartender gets tipped in cash and doesn't report it in their taxes, thats tax evading. The reason behind the growth in the underground, is simply not for the economic need but because many aren't happy with the government and laws. When the prohibition began, many began to sell their own alcohol and that's when many people realized the black market …show more content…
He focuses on marijuana and the consequences it comes with. Marijuana is the number one used drug throughout the world than any other illegal drug. He will touch base on the rules and regulations behind marijuana, as it is being used more and more everyday. He touches base on the fact that most people who are incarcerated has to do with marijuana than any other crime. He also has a chapter that is focused on migrant workers in California, most being illegal immigrants. Also, how the employers will rather hire illegal immigrants to use black market labor than to hire those who are citizens. Although they're being payed cash and not taxed, they're employes decide they're wages, which are really low for the amount of work they do and they're working conditions are really poor and unsafe. In his last chapter, he will talk about Pornogrpahy. As pornography began organized crime figures were the ones making the money but now america really adored it so America now has many large corporations that provide pornography. He rflects the histoey of ponogrphy and follows through based on the career of a businessman and his involvement in the porn

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