Analysis Of Raymond Dalio Owns The Largest Hedge Fund Essay

1210 Words Mar 9th, 2016 null Page
When studying and doing research on one of the world’s largest hedge funds ever in existence, I came across a corporation called Bridgewater Associates. A huge hedge fund with over $169,000,000,000 under management of analysts, traders, risk specialists, portfolio and fund managers as well as hedge fund partners; Bridgewater is run like a cult which can be a good thing or a bad thing. But in terms of hedge funds a cult like operation can be a very successful operation. If you make even 1 percent profit than you have now beat 7 out of every ten traders that are not working in a hedge fund. Raymond Dalio owns the largest hedge fund of this year and probably the next 20 years. The main part of some of Raymond Dalio’s most important speeches are that he tends to be very tall (not just physically but emotionally) and also very blunt. Raymond Dalio’s company tends to create a large amount of culture shock for most new financial employees as there is a very ego-driven environment where billions of dollars in cash and assets circulate everyday thru bonds, stocks, commodities, futures and other types of investments in almost anything you can think of. To Raymond Dalio investing is pretty much a second skin and he has been doing it since starting Bridgewater Associates in 1989.
Raymond Dalio started at age 12 investing $300 of his income from being a golf caddie at a local country club and bought shares of stock in a company that was going bankrupt and then a merger deal causes the…

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