Sanders's Speech: Reckless, Illegal Wall Street?

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Reckless, Illegal Wall Street When Sanders mentioned “Wall Street” in his announcement speech, he did so by describing the financial institution as engaging in “reckless and illegal activities” (Sanders, 2015). Establishing “reckless” and “illegal” as amplifiers of the general word “Wall Street” explicitly in his first speech enabled us to develop a term that is specific and reflective of his policy to reform Wall Street. Throughout the debates, the other words and phrases that Sanders consistently used to describe “Wall Street” was “greedy” and “banks too big to fail”. When he used both “reckless” and “illegal” in the same sentence, he was addressing wealth inequality or the specific instance of the “Wall Street Bail Out” in 2008 …show more content…
Clinton starts using this phrase from the first debate in Las Vegas, and even begins to rhyme it with “no executive too powerful to jail” starting from the fourth debate in Charleston, South Carolina. While Clinton does utilize this phrase in relation to Wall Street, she never utilizes the adjectives Sanders uses to decry Wall Street, such as “reckless” or “illegal,” but only uses them to denounce gun manufacturers and dealers, as seen in the last primary debate in Brooklyn, New York (Blitzer et al., 2016). She also talks about the regulation, such as Dodd-Frank, put into place to break up big financial institutions and attempts to shift focus to other institutions that have contributed to the problem of the Great Recession, such as the investment banks, insurance companies, and mortgage …show more content…
With a renewed focus on this term, Clinton also pledges to “liberate” millions of people with student debt. In the last presidential debate with Trump, she mentions her decision to making “college debt-free;” and for families making less than $125,000, there will be no tuition bill received from a public college or university (Peters and Woolley, 2016). Even though she uses her once used term of “debt-free college,” she accompanies this with a clear strategy to make a concrete plan to rid students of the burden of student debt and affordability.

Living wage Sanders uses “living wage” in his announcement speech to to explain that the
“minimum wage” should be raised from $7.25 to $15.00 an hour. Under the Raising Wages section, he also mentions that “paid sick leave” and “guaranteed vacation for all” should be implemented to ensure that “no full-time worker lives in poverty” (Sanders, 2015).

In her candidacy announcement speech, Clinton mentions raising the minimum wage, but does not recommend any given number or mention any plan to implement to achieve this

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