Essay Analysis Of Ray Bradbury 's ' The Future '

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It is apparent that Bradbury was foreshadowing the future. He wrote this short story 65 years ago and it’s even more relevant to life today than at the time it was written. Automation is advancing at a rapid pace, it’s likely that the fiction of this story will become a reality in the near future. Home automation is one form of technology that is readily available today and I think Bradbury warns the reader about this technology. Using automation to complete chores such as cooking, cleaning, or completing remedial tasks around the house will lead to dissatisfaction and unhappiness as Lydia states, “That 's just it. I feel like I don 't belong here. The house is wife and mother now, and nursemaid. Can I compete with an African veldt? Can I give a bath and scrub the children as efficiently or quickly as the automatic scrub bath can? I cannot. And it isn 't just me. It 's you. You’ve been awfully nervous lately” (Bradbury, 1951).
Additionally, technology leads to isolation. We find this currently with people who spend increased amounts of time online or using social media sites such as Facebook. This was the same for Wendy and Peter as they spent more time in the nursery and less time interaction with their parents, going outside to play or spending time with friends.
"21st Century Digital Boy is just a song about contemporary young people who really grow up with so much technology and they never really have a chance to experience the richness of what culture has to…

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