Essay Analysis Of ' Rain Man '

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Rain man is about an intellectual individual named Raymond, who also happens to have autism. Raymond has trouble when using expressive language, making it difficult to participate in a conversation with others. Raymond’s younger brother, Charlie who is an inconsiderate, selfish individual assumes the role of Raymond’s caregiver for money. Charlie never had a relationship with his brother and thought that taking care of Raymond was going to make his life easier because of the money. Taking care of Raymond changes Charlie’s outlook on life and his relationship with his brother. Charlie did not realize previously the amount of effort it took to care for someone with autism. Raymond’s disorder teaches Charlie to be more patient, and unselfish. There are some similarities between how an autistic person behaves in our book Exploring Communication Disorders a 21st century Introduction through literature and media and how Raymond behaves in the movie. Exploring Communication Disorders state individuals suffering from pervasive developmental disorder, also known as autism, show the following characteristics, “impairments in the development of social interaction, verbal and nonverbal communication skills, and imaginative activities”(Tanner, 2012, p.156). Raymond highlights these characteristics throughout the entire film. An example featured in the film was when Raymond refused to go on an airplane and forms a tantrum that is not typically expected of a man his age (Rain Man,…

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