Analysis Of Quindlen 's Commencement Address At Villanova College Forces

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Have you spent your life on things that make it worth living? Are you simply existing in this life or are you living in it? Anna Quindlen in her Commencement Address at Villanova College forces us to ask ourselves these questions as she leaves long lasting imprints in the minds of the attendees and graduates. Quindlen’s use of rhetorical devices, personal stories, and quotes helps her express her main points, that one must make their life worth living and that life should never be taken for granted because there are so many things to live for. Throughout Qundlen’s speech she uses all three of the appeals to create a connection with her audience. First, she uses ethos to shape her character or image to the audience, she gives us the backgrounds of some of her relatives when she states, “It’s an honor to follow my great- Uncle Jim, who was a gifted physician, and my Uncle Jack, who is a remarkable businessman.” By telling us of her relatives somewhat notable backgrounds, this inclines us to believe that she too is bright and comes from a notable background , therefore making the audience interested in what she has to say. As she starts to express her views on life, she begins to use logos to justify her claims. Quindlen tells us that, “There will be hundreds of thousands of people out there with your same degree; there will be thousands of people doing what you are doing.” Through the logos appeal she make us face the fact that there are thousands of people…

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