Post-Racial America That's Funny Analysis

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Post-racial America, That’s Funny.
Has racism in America disappeared ever since Barack Obama received presidency in 2012? Many people have come to the conclusion that racism would diminish electing a black president. Giving a black man, somebody who can relate to racism and discrimination, the power to run the country gave opportunities for problems regarding race to be solved. Instead, racism seems to continue to ravish. People would like to believe that America is post-racial, but America has yet to reach that point. There are many issues that America still needs to overcome before ever being considered “Post-Racial”. One of the biggest on-going issues relating to racism right now is police brutality. Americans hear it in the news, see
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One thing Obama has done to try and provide a solution for the race issue in America was create a policy known as affirmative action. Affirmative action caters to those who usually face discrimination in relation to education or employment. The policy requires for schools and work places to hire or accept a certain amount of colored people. Connerly believes the policy has backfired and caused reverse racism. To even have to make a policy ensuring that colored people will get hired or accepted in a university proves that America isn’t over racism. In Connerly’s article “What Happen to Post Racial America” he mentions a quote by John F Kennedy, “Race should have no place in American life or law”. When hiring or accepting one into a university, the employer should use a color-blind vision. Affirmative action has only caused employers to hire minorities because they are forced to meet a certain color quota, not because they see them for their potential or skill that they could have. Hence why Conerly states, “More than anything else, the pursuit of diversity overshadows and subordinates the excellence and competence and often makes us content with mediocrity.” (Connerly 439) If America wants to be even close to being post-racial, than the affirmative action plan needs to be repealed. Unless employers decide to hire minorities because of their skill and potential, not because they are required too, then America cannot and will not be considered

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