Analysis Of Pope, Aristotle, Wordsworth And Woolf

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Poetry Advice and Techniques
(Pope, Aristotle, Wordsworth and Woolf) There are countless types of poetry that have been very successful in our history. All poets and writers have their own little twist on their work that makes it unique and original. Some poets or writers like to stick with one type of writing because it is what they are best at. For example, Pope and Aristotle have a similar type of way they like to write poems. They find it very important to stay within the lines and use a specific set of rules to how a poem should be written. Other poets or writers go about it a different way. For example, Wordsworth and Woolf also have a similar way of writing poetry. They both like the idea of using very realist views in their writing. They both like the idea of
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Music is the modern day poetry. Music is a tool many people, especially young people, use as a get away. The lyrics in songs are just as meaningful as the words of a poem. Wordsworth’s followers would choose to use music to recreate his style because music is so simple. Wordsworth created his own twist on his work by making it so simple and easy to read. “He set himself to the task of freeing poetry from all its ‘conceits’ and its ‘inane phraseo­logy’. He made certain very effective and striking experiments in the use of simple language.” (Hartman) He believed that the words he wrote should flow easily for all ages to read and understand. Music would definitely compliment his work as a poet in today’s world. Music is also a type of free verse which both Wordsworth and Woolf use generously as they both believed it should be a replacement for rhyme. “Woolf explains that prose writers are instinctively opposed to rhyme because it is ‘not only childish, but dishonest.’” (Pg.732) Clearly, music, or song lyrics, would be the type of poetry Wordsworth’s followers would use to modernize his style of

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