Essay on Analysis Of Pico Iyer 's ' Lonely Places '

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What’s difference between being alone and feeling lonely? Some say loneliness is the unhappiness that is often felt when they do not have friends or no one to turn to; some say loneliness is an emotion, but being alone can be a choice. Being to many places usually out of everyone’s travel plan, Pico Iyer finds that we often feel lonely when we are in a crowd, but not part of the it. In his work, “Lonely Places,” Pico Iyer depicts a unique outlook of several “lonely places” where are geographically connected to many neighbors, but politically or socially isolated. However, by focusing on the temporary situations of the “lonely places,” Iyer underestimated the potential of once undeveloped places and misconstrued the real content of people in these areas. Pico Iyer failed to predict the future status of the “lonely places,” because he visited countries when they were detached but 1990s, the era of globalization, continued. This book was published 20 years ago, and during these years, many “lonely places” started communicating with the world and fitted themselves into the big world, and reciprocally, industrialization and globalization advanced their economy. For example, Australia, a place “hardly seems to notice, or to care” (1, 33) is currently a developed country and one of the wealthiest in the world. Argentina, where was just waiting to be the “cynosure” of “distant eyes” (3, 34) is now widely known as a high-income economy and has developed exponentially as well. Iyer…

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