Analysis Of Paul Attracts 's Understanding Of Life And Death Essay

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Beginning this new section of text Paul attracts attention to his own understanding of life and death, regardless of what others may believe about them. The first term used is ζωή and it has a variety of meanings but its classical usage in Greek is to describe “the physical vitality of organic beings, animals, men and also plants” (Kittle, 832). This profound word has no plural form and is expressed parallel to movement. Movement in its simplest terms is shallow but the comparison between ζωή and movement is vast. This movement is not merely spatial movement but self-movement in comparison to mechanical movement (Kittle, 833). The cause of life in this sense is not given by man such as a machine is given life but the soul is the source of life when mutually cooperating with a body. “The Greeks considered a third component to be specific to human life, namely the reason, mind, or understanding” (Brown, 476). This gave human life its unique quality beyond the life of animals and generates a sense of existence. The Power of this word is fault in Paul’s short but concise sentence. However, contrary to common belief, Paul is not saying that Christ is the source of his physical existence, his spiritual life, nor did he mean that to be living is to be with Christ. Instead, “To say ‘living is Christ’ is to say that for him life means Christ” (Hawthorne, 45). In other words, life is filled, and occupied with Christ so that everything Paul does is inspired by Christ. Christ alone…

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