Essay about Analysis Of Patricia August O ' Shane

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1. Individual Component: Profile
Patricia June O’Shane was born in 1941 into an interracial family (a rarity for that period), at a time when it was common practice for the removal of children from their families where it was deemed children were being neglected (McIntyre & McKeich, 2009). The removals often triggered children to feel disconnected with their culture/traditional ways and their family’s history (Cowlishaw, 2004). Both of Patricia’s grandparents had been removed from their families, which she believes is why her grandfather encouraged his grandchildren to question what they believed to be wrong in the world (O 'Shane, Miller, Miller, & O 'Shane, 2010). In Contrast, Patricia was raised by her father Patrick O’Shane (Irish Australian) and mother Gladys O’Shane (Indigenous Australian) in Mossman, North Queensland. As her father was married to an Aboriginal woman, he too experienced racism and was shunned. Gladys’s family embraced Patrick and he became a part of the Indigenous community where they lived (O 'Shane, Miller, Miller, & O 'Shane, 2010). Patricia’s parents believed education was important, the motivation behind moving their family to Cairns believing it would provide their children with better educational opportunities (Best, 2000).
Patricia’s parents’ drive for their children to succeed saw her become the only Indigenous person her age to graduate from her north Queensland High School (Australian Women 's Register, 2014). This proved to be only the…

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