Only In London Summary

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Only in London, written by Hanan Al Shaykh, follows the lives of four strangers who met on a plane in a curious situation as they touch down in London. For the purpose of this essay, Lamis will be the main character that is discussed and her choice between two societies.
Lamis is original from Iraq and is flying back to London after time spent with her very traditional family. She was home with her family after she decided to leave her husband, who is most Iraqi families, would be considered the perfect man. He brought her to London, provided her with a nice apartment and helped created their son. She decides she wants to move back to London on her own and finally be “free” (11).
At first this proves to be very difficult for her. “How is it I don’t know a single English person to invite for a cup of tea, or a beer? They’re
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People are made from the society that they grow up and do not have a choice in becoming who they are. Smith made it appear that Natalie was a new woman and the perfect suburban woman, but then revealed to her reader’s that Keisha was always there. What, where and how you grew up are so important to identifying who someone is as a person. But although there is no real choice in deleting your “original” society, there are certain memories that might make you want to delete your personality. Keisha grew up in a primarily white suburb outside of London and faced racism often. Its often noted that “everybody was white” (176) and that mixed/black people were “an endangered species” (191). Once she was Natalie, she also stated that her kids would not go to boarding school so they didn’t have to be “in a class of thirty white kids.” Overall, Natalie/Keisha have a complicated life deciding between which society fits her best. Eventually Keisha becomes Keisha again, realizing that she can’t change who she is or where she came

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