Analysis Of ' On Dumpster Diving ' Essay

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Analysis of Eighner’s “On Dumpster Diving” “On Dumpster Diving” is an essay written by Lars Eighner, detailing the art and proper protocol of dumpster diving, or as Eighner prefers it to be called, scavenging. Eighner gathers the wisdom he has learned from living on the streets in this essay, writing in a straightforward and descriptive style. He touches on many different points: wastefulness, the everyday living conditions of the homeless, and the value of materialistic objects. Eighner strives to educate readers while destigmatizing dumpster diving as a whole. Beginning his essay by establishing his credibility, Eighner uses his own experiences of dumpster diving to prove to readers that he is knowledgeable and well-informed in this area of expertise. Eighner plunges into the specifics when describing the types of food he deems safe to eat after being discarded into a dumpster; he leaves readers in shock at the amount of good judgment that is required when rummaging through someone else’s trash. Eighner mentions that much of the food he finds have only minor imperfections which he can cut off easily (142). A reader might take a moment to wonder what they have thrown away simply because it had a trivial flaw. He brings up the wastefulness he observes in college students, how he has great success in the dumpsters belonging to them, supporting the notion that they are uneconomical. Using the somewhat harsh words “Daddy’s money” he describes how students are completely…

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