Analysis Of ' Oedipus The King And A Doll 's House Essay example

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“There comes a time when you have to choose between turning the page and closing the book.” This quote by the actor Josh Jameson can be used to express the plays Oedipus the King and A Doll’s House. The two are old pairings,, but get the point across. Oedipus the King showed that too much drama can be a bad thing, leaving it very disliked, while A Doll’s House paved the road for a pleasant and empowering book. It is clear that A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen is great at showing dynamic characters and equality, which David Grene’s Oedipus the King could have used since it being so dramatic gave away the ending early on. A Doll’s House has two dynamic characters, Nora and Torvald, who show that people can change fast from old habits to new healthy ones. In the beginning of the play, Torvald lectures his wife on her spending. He refers to her as a pet and treats her like a thing: “My pretty little pet is very sweet, but it runs away with an awful lot of money. It’s incredible how expensive it is for a man to keep such a pet” (Doll act I). Torvald is telling Nora that she is a pet that spends too much of their money, which can only hurt her. For Torvald to think of his wife as a pet can only show of a love of what she does for him. Torvald has growing to do through the rest of the play, but remains mostly static. Only at the end of the play do we see Torvald change from judging his pet to needing her more than anything. Torvald was ready to punish Nora for owing money…

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