Nyowe Character Analysis

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As an escape from his fathers strict rules about gender identify and religion , nyowe decides to join in with the christian missionaries because he found strength and belief in them and he felt they were more like him. The character that this essay will be focused on is Nyowe. What Nyowe thinks about himself is that he is nothing like his father and he will never be like his father. The way that Nyowe sees himself is more as in a peaceful way and he will never agree that the igbo culture will ever affect him and make him like his father, he will never fit in with the igbo culture. What Nyowe thinks about himself is that he needs the way to not turn out like his father , he thinks killing
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After one week after the missionaries arrival , while building the church , nyowe shadows them and he basically follows them around to see how they are , he loved the way the missionaries were , he felt that they were more like him, he wanted to enter the religion but the fear of his father was very strong so he had second thoughts but sometimes he didnt even think about entering because fear was hunting him. After being with the christian missionaries , Nyowe returns back back home, but he didn’t know what was coming his way because his father somehow found out that he has been shadowing the christian missionaries and he is very angry. “He went into the obi and saluted his father, but he did not answer. Nyowe turned round to walk into the inner compound when his father, suddendly overcome with fury, sprang to his feet and gripped him by the neck.”(pg.151) This character which is okonkwo did not like Nyowes actions , okonkwo started to beat nyowe with a stick while threatening him to kill him just because he has been around the church and the christian missionaries. Okonkwo’s reaction to this was a little too much , but that is how he expressed himself to nyowe about this situation nyowe has just caused and done. There was no consequences for what nyowe has done because okonkwo was stopped by Uchendu. Nyowe left …show more content…
“Nyowe did not fully understand. But he was happy to leave his father.”(pg.152) This quote supports my theme because it also has a part on how nyowe was happy to leave his father , he finally got rid of him and he was gladly that he was going to move back to umuofia to begin his new religion and leave his father which he doesnt consider his father anymore behind. As an escape from his father strict rules about gender identity and religion, nyowe decides to join in with the christian missionaries because he found strenght and belief in them and felt they were more like him. Finally he got rid of his father by moving back to umuofia and he is very happy that he left his father behind. Nyowe also realizes that he is happy in the community and i think that he doesn’t regret leaving okonkwo. The way that nyowe changed and his actions after the missionaries arrived weren’t as bad as he thought , his life went up and he is glad that the missionaries changed the way he sees himself and the

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