Analysis Of Nellie Mcclung 's Personal Commitment For Women 's Rights

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Nellie McClung’s personal commitment to women’s rights saw her use both radical and conservative methods to challenge social and political roles for women while accepting existing gender roles. McClung, an English-Canadian suffragist, dominated the discussion of women’s rights during the early twentieth century. Her achievement as a writer, her ability to speak, and her personality were a combination that led her to victories (Strong-Boag, 58). As a result, the temperance fighter is remembered in Canadian feminist history. (Devereux, 182). Nellie McClung not only endeavored to see the vote for women but also the betterment of women’s economic and social status. Although McClung’s viewpoints and methods were considered conservative, her views against current political ideas and persons as well as her relentless efforts were radical considering her opposition and time period. This is evident in the continual rejection by antifeminist leaders as well as the continual effect McClung had on future feminists. Moreover, while making use of these methods her goals remained within a strictly defined domestic framework (Devereux, 177). McClung contended for the rights of feminine qualities outside the home as well as the human rights of women within the home. However, that being the case, McClung still aggressively challenged the social and political roles for women. For example, McClung continued to passionately fight for the rights of woman as persons. This is acknowledged in her…

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