Essay on Analysis Of Neil Fraser 's ' The Golden Age '

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Theatre History Explained Neil Fraser outlines the history of theatre from Greek and Roman times, all the way through the twentieth century. Fraser makes a claim that theatre truly began in Greek culture with even the Roma’s looking upon that time as “the golden age”. “The Romans looked back on Greek theatre of circa 600BC as a golden age, and we can still make a case for the great plays of that period as having never been bettered.” (Fraser, 2004, pg.5). Some of the more important highlights of this book include the transformation of theatre as we view it today from what it originally looked like. It’s roots in Greek religious ceremonies progressing from a chorus of priests speaking all together in unison to a solo voice being used as an announcer for each individual ritual. The two types of plays that were utilized throughout the Greek period were comedies and tragedies and these were written and performed in competitions. The first ever to have won one of these competitions was an actor named Thespis “the earliest recorded theatre practitioner of ancient Greece was Thespis who, in 534BC, is mentioned as the first winner of the competition for the performance of tragic plays.” (Fraser, 2004, pg.11). This is why actors now are called Thespians, after the first ever recorded actor. Even as we move into the Roman period of theatre Fraser says we see a lot of Greek influence; “Much Roman drama was thus based on, or derived from, the ancient greek,” (Fraser, 2004, pg.27).…

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