Analysis Of Negro Speaks Of Rivers

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"The Negro Speaks of Rivers" by Langston Hughes is a convincing poem in which Hughes investigates his particular past, as well as the past of the dark race. As the waterways develop after some time, the Negro 's spirit does as well; their waters unceasingly stream, as the dark soul endures. Hughes wrote this poem while on a train crossing Missippi to visit his father, who by that time stayed in Mexico. The poem seems to revolve around issues facing African and negritude themes. Hughes ' written work dependably demonstrates a distinguishing proof with Africa, and his later verse on African subjects and African topics exhibits his developing refinement and learning of the history and issues of Africa. The analysis will revolve around the poetry achievements in in-cooperating various elements of poetry such as symbols, …show more content…
The poem has demonstrated various achievements in integrating various elements of poetry such as the use of images, allusion, diction, simile, and symbols in passing the message to the audience. For example, the diction of “ancient” that is evidence that the poem talks of the past and in particularly the black origin. However, other authors like Jean Wagner expressed their opinions on this poem by Hughes. According to Wagner, the poem confirmed the strong union that Negroes have across the world and how it pushed their history back to the beginning of the world and acknowledged them for having intelligence no less significant than that of the best waterways of development that mankind had ever known. The essential image of water typically speaks to the historical backdrop of mankind, recognizing the way that rivers are more antiquated ever. For example, in first stanza, Hughes says that he has “known rivers ancient as the world and older than the flow of human blood in human

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