Analysis Of Nadine Gordimer 's Six Feet Of The Country Essay

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Nadine Gordimer 's story "Six Feet of the Country" has an apartheid as its historical context. The term “apartheid” means separateness. It refers to an official system of racial segregation that was in force from 1948 to 1991. The story show instances of racially motivated oppression and unfairness through the marriage between the two main characters. Gordimer writes a story that parallels the failed marriage to a failure of society in terms of physical separation, mental separation and inequality.

At first, the couple shown apart-ness in their marriage, even though they are husband and wife. The narrator has a distant relationship with his wife, Lerice. The author writes that, “I, of course, am there only in the evenings and at week-ends.”(Gordimer) This indicates that the narrator only goes to the farm and visits his wife Lerice a couple of times a week, showing a physical separation between them as they do not see each other very often and they are not bonded closely as a couple. Another factor that shows they are physically separated is that they do not sleep together. “How is it I always feel a fool when I have deserted her bed?”(Gordimer) This points out that this couple does not have any sexual or intimate relationship with each other as they are lacking of kisses and hugs which is something crucial as a couple. On the other hand, the physical separation also applies to the blacks and whites, “Out in the country, even ten miles out, life is better than that.”…

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