Analysis Of ' My Last Duchess ' By Robert Browning Essay

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Similarly, ‘My last Duchess’ by Robert Browning explores villainy through the jealousy and norms of the Duke. Through dramatic monologue, we learn about his late wife and get a close reading that mentions his last duchess in his self-important speech. Browning uses the dramatic monologue to show us the controlling, jealous, and arrogant traits that the duke possesses, without mentioning them; this allows the reader to question his norms and values. The duke seems to be talking to someone and tells the history of his relationship with the duchess. He looks at the grand picture of his late wife “looking as though she is alive”. Readers are left to suspect that the duchess is no longer alive and has no importance to the duke; he speaks of the painting as if it was the duchess, suggesting that his late wife was nothing more than her outward appearance. The poem is divided in rhyming couplet to show the unrehearsed speech of the Duke and how he has lost control with his speech; when talking about the Duchess readers are left to their own imagination on whether the Duke is remorseful or building with excitement with his now control over his late wife. The iambic pentameter shows this , "There’s my last Duchess hanging on the wall”, the iambic pentameter highlights the cruelty of the Duke as he emphasises the word “my”,”hang”,”wall” :the three word all have sinister connotation (personal pronoun) and shows the ownership and oppression that the Duchess experienced when she was…

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