Analysis Of My Father's Family

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My dad’s family experienced the sting of the strict apartheid rule early on in life when my grandfather’s brother Faan Broodpote fell in love with a Native Girl that worked on the same farm as he did. After the War things were tough, people were poor and if you had a job then you were considered to be fortunate. Faan took a job on Ver-Ouma Blouvoete dad’s farm.
Joel Kaaskop offered Faan Broodpote a job as a general ranch Hand. (Afterall this was his new son inlaws brother.) Joel Kaaskop included in Faan Broodpote’s pay that he could live in the barn and one large bag of mieliemeel at the end of each month. Faan was strong bulky young man that was 6.2. He was a little odd with his long slender white feet. His feet reminded the the other farm Hands of loafs of white bread so they called him Faan Broodpote. Soon after he started working there Faan was seeing spending most of his lunch brakes with Mina the kitchen Hand. Mina was from mixed blood. She had deep chestnut brown eyes and long straight black hair. She spoke Afrikaans and Sesoon. She was a strong Christian believer and
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Jan van Riebeeck bought land from the Khoikhoi in 1671 to start the new colony. I wonder if my family in Botswana would know where to mark their heritage back to. In 1966 Botswana gained its independence fromt eh English Sphere and became the Friendly Resistance helper fro the Popular Communist Resistance in South Africa. The Popular Communist Resistance set up an underground office in Botswana or Bechuanaland as it was called at first. Mimi and Faan were border farmers in Bechuanaland, they joined the friendly Resistance and were openly housing recruiters and those that were fleeing from the Apartheid Regime. Mimi and Faan were living free from

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