Analysis of Movements in Sleeping Beauty Essay

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The Sleeping Beauty dance performance is one of the most important performances. It has many versions and every version casts a spell over the audience. With the modern movement, Sleeping Beauty is interpreted in a modern and different way than classical ballet. In this paper, I am going to analyze and compare two different versions; Mats Ek’s the new, modern version and Vivien Durante’s classical version (Royal Ballet) of Sleeping Beauty.
The difference between modern dance and Ballet can be seen clearly in Sleeping Beauty. Both versions are using the same music (P. Tchaikovsky) but interpreting totally different. In Mats Ek’s performance (modern version), dancers are moving more freely. Their movements relaxed and they don’t stick to
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However their movements aren’t as soft as ballet. On the contrary movements are sharp, stiff and fast because modern dancers aren’t have any concern about being aesthetic. Also in the modern version Mats Ek combined sharp movements with some circular movements. For example, dancers expanding and opening their arms and legs sharply and in the meanwhile they gyrated. Gyrating can be seen in the classical version but it is softer and slower. So up to some extend we can say that gyrating is a common characteristic of both new and old version. Another difference between modern dance and ballet is the movement of the feet. Ballet dancers are wearing pointe shoes and walking on their toe. However Mats Ek and other modern choreographers don’t use these in his modern version, because modern dance is a rebellion towards ballet and modern dancers want to be more “earthy”. Pointe shoes are far from being “earthy”. So he didn’t use pointe shoes and walk on the toe because of and increase the feelings of dancers, being relaxed and earthy. Overall, the main difference between movements of ballet and modern dance is their demanding from the body. Ballet is more demanding on the body than modern dance.
Another difference between new and old version of the Sleeping Beauty is using the stage and floor. In the stage Mats Ek used items and furniture from real life such as; car and sedan chair and he symbolized

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