Essay about Analysis Of ' Mister Johnson ' By Joyce Cary

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Achebe discovered his passion for writing while in a tertiary institution. He was admitted to the university to Ibadan after meeting the cut-off mark. He was placed to study medicine and surgery as a result of his high grades in the entrance examination as the school normally does. He rejected the offer and requested to study literature which he had loved since childhood. His request for opting to liberal arts was accepted by the school. During his course of study, he found literature even more exciting. He excelled in both academic and extra curriculum activities. In his second year of undergraduate, he happened to read a book called Mister Johnson, this novel was written by Joyce Cary. The novel was among the very first novel 's narrating life of Africans. After several studies, research and analyzing, he concluded the novel delineation of subhuman African character is attached to the supposition of the colonial hypothesis. Achebe aware of the racist portrayal of Africans in various literature books vowed to attune the ideology behind it. So he decided to become a writer, so as to be able to counter oppose the assumptions. He then joined the university herald and the school newspaper editorial team, making him expand his horizon in writing. He further published articles for the local news company. He gained lots of experience by participating in various club activities and student government organizations. Chinua Achebe outstandingly completed his…

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