Analysis Of Minimalism : A Lifestyle Devoted Essay

1155 Words Nov 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
For my entire life, I have been collecting clutter. My life resulted being more for taking care of my stuff than it was for living. It took a while to realize that the amount of junk I had was a factor into my unhappiness and stress. I came across this blog that explained this concept called minimalism: a lifestyle devoted to having less. I was intrigued by this lifestyle, so I began purging my clutter that night. I decluttered by asking myself if each item I owned was useful to me or made me happy; it took about six months, but my bedroom finally was clutter free. Today, I do not own a limited number of items, like other minimalists; that was never my goal. What I hoped to achieve from minimalism was to purge the clutter and take control over my life again. I feel happier and less stressed knowing that I have less stuff to worry about and I can focus on what is important. A minimalistic lifestyle isn’t for everybody, but the idea of purging clutter for less stress is beneficial for everyone. Even though small amounts of clutter can be beneficial, when it becomes excessive, clutter leads to stress by creating mental exhaustion and a competition for attention. Multiple and diverse sources all agree that clutter is not beneficial in our lives; however, they also all agree that we sometimes do need a bit of clutter to function. A research group from the Department of Psychology of the University of New Mexico, Roster et al., have recently found that clutter is beneficial to…

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