Analysis Of Michael Tietelbaum Criticizes The Stem Program Essay

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In his book, Michael Tietelbaum criticizes the STEM program, citing the shortages of the program and implications of the policy on education and the workforce. His book excellently brings out a wealth of data and information, revealing the history of booms and bust in science and engineering employment. It as well outlines the shortages of STEM, as fault tool for lobbying for high skills and used to curb immigration. Even though the book presents great ideas in relation to challenges of investing in scientific research, it has its fair share of weaknesses. The book largely dwells on the widespread shortages and declining of United States engineers and scientists. Although the United States has moved to impress reinforcing the skills using the STEM program, the increased politicking of the issue was its undoing. Instead of the STEM programs helping in reinforcing skills in the workforce, science and engineering careers are increasingly becoming unpopular. Moreover, signs of malaise in professions have been evident in engineering and science workforce. Indeed, scientific and engineering professions are structural and Michael Tietelbaum cites that the provision of additional funds may not enough. He notes additional funding towards the STEM programs may have led to the destabilization in the economic and the supporters of this arrangement have to careful because the outcome could not be what they expect.
Themes covered in the book
In Falling Behind, Michael Tietelbaum…

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