Analysis Of Michael Kimmel's Bumping Into Mr. Ravioli

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People think that the life they live in today is normal since people live in this kind of life generation to generation. It seems like there are no many problems in our lives. However, because of our old style’s life, people live in an unalterable society. In this society, people learn how to survive from the previous generation. They learn how to be a human. As Adam Gopnik’s mentions in his essay called “Bumping into Mr. Ravioli”, Mr. Ravioli is an imaginative playmate who similar to Olivia’s old brother. It means Mr. Ravioli is a man who Olivia learned how to be a man from Olivia’s brother. It also shows that what people do in daily life are observed by others around them. Such as Michael Kimmel’s essay called “Bros Before Hos: …show more content…
The function of labels help the society distribute different tasks to different groups of people. Such as when people first meet someone else in another group, the labels can help them understand some basic qualities of others. If those labels work well in the society, people will continue to use them. As Kimmel mentions, “The response was consistent: Guys hear the voice of the men in their lives—fathers, coaches, brothers, grandfathers, uncles, priests—to inform their ideas of masculinity” (Kimmel, 47). For men, they learned how to be a man from their fathers. And their fathers learned from their previous generation, which means what the labels the public puts on men are already accepted by almost all men. Men accept these labels unconsciously and they try their best to approach the idea of “masculinity,” which they believe this label can help them fit in the society and make their lives easier. However, this trust also bring them many distressed things. Gopnik also writes that, “Constant, exhausting, no-time-to meet-your-friends Charlie Ravioli-style busyness arrived as an affliction in modern life long after the other parts of bourgeois city manners did” (Gopnik, 156). The life that Charlie Ravioli lives in is similar to what old people lived in before. Charlie Ravioli inherits the “old” style of life, which the previous generation tells Charlie Ravioli that he needs to live. That is the life which a man has to …show more content…
These labels guide people to develop in ways which the society want them to go. Because people live in this society for a long time and did not have something bad happened, they believe follow the old ways can help us live in a stable life. Thus, the mainstream thoughts exist in our lives. Because a same thing spoke from different people can have different meanings and people believe what they know are correct, they will use what they know to impact the people around them. To be honest, everyone cares what others think of him/her. Therefore, they will take these advice to help them approach the so-called mainstreams, which also bring too much pressure to themselves. However, society cannot develop without creations. If people really care what others think of them and they keep approaching the so-called mainstreams, the speed of developing will slow down. Moreover, what the concepts of different groups cannot be one-hundred percent correct. If people only want to live in a stable life so they follow the old steps, it will be a disaster in the future. Because people have to find out the bugs which exist in concepts from the past and update them. This means people can start notice these bugs from themselves first and try to impact others around them. Then, this small step can influence the society. Hence, be aggressive and brave to fight for the inherent concepts in this society and believe that

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