Analysis Of Medicare Part D

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The Medicare Part D, also known as the Medicare Prescription Drug Coverage, was designed to cover the existing gap (the donut hole), between individual’s prescription drug needs and Original Medicare (Original Medicare is characterized in parts A and B). The Original Medicare Plans includes basic drug coverage but unfortunately, many medicare beneficiaries require specific prescription drug needs that do not fall under the qualifications of parts A and B coverage. Medicare Part D is additional coverage associated with parts A and B so you are required to be enrolled in Original Medicare in order to qualify for enrollment. Medicare Part D can not under state law count as essential coverage. Only part A, which is hospital insurance and part …show more content…
Let’s take a look.

Ok Miss. Johnson now that you are informed about what the Medicare Part D Plan is, how about we find a plan that fits you. I am going to talk you through the process of getting qualified and enrolled in the coverage. Ok, I need you to type in inside the serach engine box right at the top of the screen. Now at the top of the webpage click on the green icon box that says: “Find health and drug plans”. You will be directed to another web page. Enter your zip code in the search box that is labeled “General Search”. Now we are looking for drug plans available in the 78572 zip code area. I remember you stating that you have Original Medicare so go ahead and click Original Medicare for the question “How do you get your medicare coverage?” Now since you 're not sure if Medicare or your state helps you pay for your Medicare prescription drug costs, go ahead and click “I don’t get any Extra Help” for that
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Judging from the information you provided the first drug you will type in the box is Enablex. Click 7.5mg for dosage and type 30 in the box labeled “Quantity”. Click : “Every 1 Month” for Frequency and you do pick up your prescriptions so, click “ I get this medicine from a retail pharmacy” as your answer. I know you don’t care for the generic version of this drug Miss. Johnson, so for the last question that is asking you if you would like the generic brand, click “use name brand drug: Enablex”. Follow those same exact steps for all of your prescription drugs. All the questions should be answered the same way except for questions that are in regards to the mg’s, quantity, and frequency due to the fact that those sections are subjected to change based upon the specific drug being entered. After you have entered all of your prescription drugs, click on the orange icon that states “ My Drug List is Complete”. You should see displayed on your screen the many different pharmacy locations located in your area that you can choose from to have your prescriptions filled. Choose a pharmacy then press the orange icon that states “Continue to Plan Results”. You should then see another web page appear on your screen. This page provides you with the available plans that have been offered to you based upon the prescription drugs you entered and your zip

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