Neutral Media Summary

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McCarthy and Dolfsma’s article (2013) titled: “Neutral Media? Evidence of Media Bias and its Economic Impact”, examined whether the media in today’s world is neutral and if it has any effect on the economy and the way we perceive news. The article came from the journal, Review of Social Economy and was published the 1st of August 2013. The authors are Killian J. McCarthy and Wilfred Dolfsma.
McCarthy and Dolfsma (2013) focused their attention on the effects that the media can have on society and the economy by looking at the question of whether the media is neutral or does it impact various societies and economies throughout the world. The article stated: “How neutral is the media?” and they went on to examine and propose why it is not neutral.
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A small issue can be blown up to a huge issue depending how the media portrays it and exposes it. This suggests that the media influences the public’s perception of what is going on in the world and how extreme, if at all, the issue is. This leads the public to be concerned about their own location and if the situation or issue could possibly impact them. This can blow a small issue out of proportion and give the public a reason to worry. The way things are told and said on the media greatly impact the way people think about the society they live in and the other societies in the world. The media can also give false notions to events all around the world and lead people to absorb the wrong information. I believe from reading this article that the media is very powerful on its influence on society and can be dangerous if the news they give falsely influences behaviors of …show more content…
I believe that the article focused on six of the seven steps in research methods: (a) defining a certain problem that is focused on, (b) going over the evidence with a detailed literature review, (c) working with the hypothesis and specified what it meant, (d) collecting their data successfully, (e) going over their collected data, and then (f) publishing their data to give others the final data relating to the social issue about the media. They seemed to miss the one step in the research methods, which was working on developing some sort of research design to aid them in their study. If it was in the article, then it was not focused on or identified other than being a review of the literature. I believe that since they have almost all of the steps in the research methods, that they showed a portrayal of a successfully developed and researched study of a popular issue in societies and economies today. The media is important, but the messages and ideas that they give out can be misleading and harmful. This shows that the media is not a healthy remedy for any society because of the message they give and the affects on many societies throughout the world. The article directly addresses the problem and successfully concluded the research to show that their hypothesis was correct and that their

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