Analysis Of Maya Angelou 's Poem ' Women Work ' Essay

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Women Work Analysis
Maya Angelou’s poem “Women Work” indicates a hardworking woman feeling hassled and stress. An average woman spends her day caring for her family and home. In the first stanza, she’s too occupied with her chores that she can’t lose tension. The list describes the tribulations of a woman’s day to day routine including cooking food and ironing and folding clothes. “Let me rest tonight,” she seems to yearn for a vacation. The end of the poem is where the woman elucidates her feelings about how she wished her life felt like. It transforms from the a woman being worn out to saying a silent prayer. The woman begs for no work and a time for relaxation.
A working woman deals hardships in her daily routine. The author describes the struggles that she must face. Maya Angelou helps portray the thoughts of a woman when performing her dull tasks. She helps the reader understand why it’s tough to be a working woman at home. In the poem, one of the tasks mentioned was picking cotton. In the United States, cotton is grown mainly in Mississippi and Texas, therefore the setting of “Women Work” was most likely in the south. If “Women Work” was taken place in south then the language is southern dialect. It’s mostly spoken in that region, “Til I can rest again.” When the woman mentions her day’s duties, it makes the poem seem depressing and stressful. The tone soon shifts as it seems more relief and calm. The poem moves from a negative to a positive point of view. This…

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