Essay on Analysis Of Martin 's ' Ghost Boy ' By Martin Pistorius

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Life has myriad of unexpected and complicated events, which can challenge our maturity and growth. However, some complications can cause a cascade of detrimental effects to the family unit. As seen the story “Ghost Boy” by Martin Pistorius (2012), we read first hand how an illness can permeate not only the patient but also everyone around. In this paper I critically reflect on Martian’s illness experience and identify key characters such as his father, the main caregiver. In this paper, I will discuss Martin’s experience of illness, Martin father as his caregiver and an analysis of Martin’s experience.
Martin’s Experience
Martin’s phenomenology, his lived experience of illness can be viewed through two different lenses of intersectionality (Doane & Varcoe, 2015). Martin’s ability and Martin being marginalized were two aspects that restricted and characterized him, creating limitations and isolation from his friends, his family and the world (Van Herk, Smith & Andrew, 2010). Those two aspects of intersectionality impacted not only Martins’ health and wellness (Van Her, Smith & Andrew, 2010). Martin’s illness caused his family stress due to inadequacy regarding support along with answers from the health care professionals. The added family stress impacted Martin’s phenomenology through making him feel responsible, detached and secluded from his family since he could only observe and understand how his illness was tearing his family apart (Doane & Carcoe, 2015).

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