Analysis Of Mametz Wood And Poppies Essay

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Compare how the consequences of a conflict are shown in Mametz Wood and one other poem from ‘Conflict’.
In both Mametz Wood and Poppies, the poets manage to show the consequences of conflict in both similar, and different, ways. Owen Sheers reaches back into history in order to retell the events of World War I, whereas Jane Weir’s Poppies is a much more emotional take on the outcomes of conflict.
Sheers’ use of imagery allows the reader to look back on the past in a reflective manner. For example, the first verse conjures up a very raw image in order to highlight the injustice and unfairness of the war – “the wasted young”. The use of the word “years”, also in the first verse, gives the reader a sense of just how many died during the war, as, even after much time has passed, there are still various body parts being found. Sheers, even in the very first stanza, manages to begin showing the consequences of the conflict of World War I, as well as offer some sort of redemption to those who died.
Weir’s Poppies uses plenty of colour imagery, such as “spasms of paper red” and “yellow bias binding”. These vibrant images give the poem a sense of life. They also add a personal touch – as the poem is from the mother’s perspective, the use of imagery in the first stanza reminds the reader that the consequences of conflict, in this particular poem, are that of losing a son. Therefore, even in the first stanza, much like Sheers does in Mametz Wood, Weir manages to illustrate the…

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