Analysis Of Making The Stranger Strange: The Sleag

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Making the Familiar Strange: The Sleag The Sleag are a peculiar group of individuals residing in the hills of Moraga. The Sleag seem to have no children among them, consisting almost entirely of young-adult aged persons with a handful of older adults. They are a unique group because they hold beliefs and practices unique to their group. When the Sleag eat they do so in a communal setting, surrounded by other members of their tribe. They eat in front of one another as a sign of strength and dominance. They want to show each other that they are well nourished and are therefore fit to remain in the tribe. This display of dominance is increased by the way they eat their food. Rather than picking it up with their hands, they use small silver bits …show more content…
An individual member of the Sleag can spend several hours of day staring at a stack of thin white leaves. While they stare at the leaves, they do not speak except when spoken, and do not look at everything else. The amount of concentration they use to stare at the white leaves for hours on end is uncanny. While it may seem bizarre that they should stare at inanimate objects for so long, they do so for a reason. It is their belief that, by staring at the white leaves for several hours each day, they will eventually train themselves to move objects with their minds. The white leaves are what they practice with. As you can imagine, the Sleag have yet to move objects with their minds, but despite their lack of success they continue to try. It is in structures of their creation that the Sleag spend a good portion of their day. These multi-story structures are broken into many different chambers, in each of which groups of 15-25 Sleag gather. Here, they sit and listen to one of the handful of elders of the community. During these sessions, the elder gives the younger Sleag runes to etch into the special white leaves. The Sleag believe that different combinations of runes etched onto the white leaves allow them to move the leaves in different ways with their minds, making it easier to control

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