Essay on Analysis Of ' Macbeth ' By William Shakespeare

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According to the Elizabethan world view, life is governed by a rigid and God-ordained natural order known as the Great Chain of Being. Every aspect of his creation, whether animate or inanimate, tangible or intangible, has its own distinctive place within this hierarchy. It is therefore believed that any interference with this order is a direct violation of nature’s organization and, above all, an act of sacrilegious insubordination towards God’s will. At the top of mankind’s social order lies the monarch, who is given the right to reign over his realm without condition through the decree of God. As a result, any attempt to unseat or undermine the authority of the king is seen as defiance against God Himself, the sole creator of this ordered universe. On a microcosmic level, Macbeth illustrates the subversion of order that arises when its central character deposes of the rightful king, Duncan, and forcefully ascends the Chain of Being by claiming his throne. This is seen as a transgression against natural law and brings about dire consequences in the physical world that are only reverted once order is reinstated within the divinely established hierarchy. The tragedy of Macbeth thus portrays the breakdown and restoration of societal order through the dethronement of Duncan from his God-ordained position, the use of unnatural occurrences, and the eventual downfall of Macbeth.
With the murder of Duncan, Macbeth overthrows the natural balance of the world as he ousts the former…

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