Analysis Of `` Lincoln 's Melancholy ' And How Depression Impacted His Personal And Professional Life

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Lincoln’s Melancholy was a difficult book to read if one has dealt with mental health issues. The book traverses through Lincoln’s Life, and how depression impacted his personal and professional life. Joshua Wolf Shenk goes through major life events as well as smaller events that defined Lincoln and his depression better than some of his time as president. One such instance is Lincoln is coming home from a long, luxurious vacation and he sees slaves singing and dancing. Lincoln is amazed at the scene and he finds it funny that slaves were happy while he was in an awful depression. He took this as motivation to continue on and not give up even though times got hard. The book also adds a different opinion on depression, instead of looking at it as a sickness Lincoln looked at it as a part of life that made him the man he was when he was elected president. Lincoln thought that everything happens for a reason and he believed that with a strong faith. Although Lincoln had a difficulty understanding religion he turned to it when he was in a bad spot and truly believed that god’s will would take care of itself. The book presents itself into three different parts, each a different part of Lincoln’s life. However the focus of each is how his depression was in that particular point in his life. It showed us how he was in early life, how he contemplated suicide and how he eventually learned how to live with and manage his depression. Although Lincoln’s depression followed him…

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