Analysis Of Letters And The George Canary Letters Essay

2037 Words Dec 14th, 2016 9 Pages
Today, the keyboard and mouse have a much higher value than pen and paper as a medium of communication, but this was not the case during the first half of the 20th century. Especially for soldiers and families during the World War I and II conflicts, the convenience and reliability of letters during this time period was unmatched by any other form of communication. Millions of letters were sent back and forth between soldiers and their loved ones throughout the course of both wars. These letters played a vital role as a platform for loved ones to interact and communicate with each other when separated by large distances. The University of Kentucky’s Special Collections Research Center has access to several of these types of documents from the time period like the Jack and Nora Parker letters and the George Canary letters. From examining these letters, it is possible to observe the emotional investment that individuals put into them which was sometimes accompanied by consequences. Since there was such heavy emotional attachment put into these letters, the presented information or lack there of had the potential to bring people happiness or stress and anxiety. This leads to the question of whether the emotional rollercoaster that comes from the frequent exchange of letters and postcards during both of the World Wars worthwhile for both soldiers and their loved ones. Based the research done using the Jack and Nora Parker letters and the Canary letters, communication through…

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