Essay about Analysis Of Langston Hughes 's Poem ' Theme For English B '

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Langston Hughes is the author and speaker in the poem “Theme for English B.” Hughes uses the title of his poem to question the task given to him in English class. The task was simply to “Go home and write/a page.” The class instructor challenges Hughes to write the “truth.” Instead of making the title more specific to give us a better understanding of the poem, or what Hughes writes his one page about, he simply titles it “Theme for English B.” Hughes uses the title to tell us that he created his own theme for the assignment because the instructor directions were unclear.
The poem begins with instructions to the task. The instructor tells Hughes the paper should “Come out of you/ Then, it will be the truth.” Hughes writes in the first line of the first stanza “I wonder if it’s that simple?” I believe he is questioning the “truth.” After this line Hughes begins to describe his background and race. Hughes tells us he is the only “colored student” in his class. He never tells us the name of his school that he attends, but keeps describing it as the “college on the hill above Harlem.” Hughes doesn’t give the college a name because he lives down this hill in Harlem. He describes the college as “above Harlem” to represent how Harlem is below the people who attend this college standard of living. Hughes acknowledges that his standard of living is below his classmates by telling us he lives upstairs at the “Harlem Branch Y.” By stating where he lives, Hughes gives is an…

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