Analysis Of Langston Hughes ' Poem ' Negros ' Essay

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Langston Hughes’ poem “Negros” is about black people and how they helped build culture in America. Non poc have always used poc to do the work they didn 't want to and they always took up for it. Even though poc were oppressed and treated as 2nd class citizens they still didn 't give up they did everything they can to still bring joy to whatever situation they were in. This poem was written during Harlem Renaissance, time period where poc poets, artists, and musicians, make their work of art to represent the racial pride. And that 's all this poem is depicting the pride poc had and still will have no matter what.

Today everyone sees in the media that someone is being racist whether it be a presidential candidate or an artist. Thinking of the time period. Then and now, it is very different but the same in a way. If poc today go back in time they will be treated the same and still I 'll not get created and the praise for the work done. On the other hand if Langston Hughes or even Martin Luther King Jr came to our time period. They would be out politicians, our CEOs. The main influence of our American culture. These people are the biggest influences on the US without them we would have not seen the struggle or even gotten through it. And that is what the poem is telling us. Say that the black culture or influence was not necessary or even done. Now since poc are tolerated non poc think that they don 't need to acknowledge the work of poc in the 1900s and even before then.…

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