Analysis Of Kurt Vonnegut 's Harrison Bergeron Essay

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The reason we learn history is so that we do not allow for it to be repeated. Meaning we don’t let even that happened in the past happen again today. But in literature there are certain patterns in characters, plot, settings and items. These patterns are referred to as archetypes and they help make stories relatable. “Harrison Bergeron” by Kurt Vonnegut is no exception to the usage of archetypes.In this futuristic tale Vonngut gives their interpretation of how the world would be if someone solved the age old call for “equality”. His answer is the United States handicapping people who are above their set average. Vonnegut use of an archetypal hero shows the reader that true equality is not the positive they think it is. The archetype Harrison follows is the “hero”, this can firstly be confirmed with the fact that the title is his name. Meaning that the story is about him or the effect he has and because he is opposing the government which is wrong he is the hero. Hero’s are put in stories to put an end to the evil or negative forces in the story. They are the person people are rooting for to win when the good vs. evil fight happens. In the story you want to root for im because of his flashy and blatant opposition of his inequitable government.Vonnegut uses this archetype because most heroes are very different from ourselves they are usually more powerful than most humans. This feature is necessary to prove that their form of “equality” is wrong. The Handicapper General is…

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