Analysis Of Katherine Mansfield 's ' The Garden Party ' Essay

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In ‘the Garden Party’, Katherine Mansfield presents the rich to show unawareness of the poor within their neighbourhood in order to contain their happiness. The main character, Laura starts off within a middle class bubble that she has been isolated within all her life. She has been protected which has resulted in her unawareness of the ‘real’ world. Within the short story, the Sheridan family are organising their party, when it takes a turn for the worse for Laura. She is faced with death. Laura is the only one concerned at this point by the death of Mr. Scott, a local working class man. However, her sisters are not touched by this tragedy as her sister, Jose responds to Laura with "Stop the garden-party? My dear Laura, don 't be so absurd” which presents the selfishness the middle class ‘bubble’ that is living within. The Sheridans are not prepared to postpone a party due to someone’s death, especially not someone who is not associated with them. Laura continues to try and make her family realise the upper-class indifference that she has been taught but fails as her mother ends the conversation between them both with “people like that don 't expect sacrifices from us” which reflects the negativity that Mrs Sheridan holds towards the working class as she does not even consider postponing the party. Laura struggles to break the ‘bubble’ as she can’t escape her social class. Towards the end of the short story, her brother Laurie whom yet again tries to navigate her away from…

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