Essay on Analysis Of Katherine Boo 's Behind The Beautiful Forevers

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Katherine Boo’s Behind the Beautiful Forevers focuses on the struggles of Annawadi’s residents as many of them attempt to create a better life for their families. A small slum located near the Mumbai airport, Annawadi highlights the juxtaposition of an Indian underclass and the growing economy of the country around them. While so many of these families, through an expanding global market economy, can see the benefits of globalization and capitalism, the potential upsides of these systems maintain out of reach as most Annawadians deal with the harsher realities of poverty, hunger, and exploitation. As the text looks into many aspects of daily life in a particular slum between 2007 and 2011, a debilitating connection can be seen between capitalism and corruption in an emerging economy. Between the bribes required of the Husains for their alleged crimes, Asha’s various government funded projects, and other aspects of a competitive underground economy, corruption seeps its way into the socioeconomic struggles of an impoverished class too busy trying to survive to attempt to take a likely destructive stance against such a powerfully exploitative system. With hopes of upward mobility, many Annawadians battle among each other to stake a claim in the limited opportunities within their informal economy. At every level of this system, there is an opportunity for an individual or group to increase their own opportunity through exploiting someone in a more vulnerable economic position.…

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