Analysis Of Joseph Conrad 's Heart Of Darkness Essay

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Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness spins a dark contrast between two different worlds. These worlds being the civilized life of Europe against the savage wilderness of colonial Africa. Running parallel to the contrast in worlds is the contrast between Kurtz’s lovers who he has taken up in each of the world 's. The lines of gender and wilderness in The Heart of Darkness are somewhat blurred as the protagonist time and again personifies wilderness into a living, female role. This serves to be ironic as Marlow’s view towards women is that of a negative context. Often times painting women as naive and their purpose is to serve man. This paper will argue that in the novel, wilderness and nature as well as women are considered something for man 's use. This will be proven through Marlow’s personification of the wilderness and his attitudes taken towards women. Throughout the novel we see men exploit the wilderness and the women around them for personal gain. Throughout the novel not a single female character is given a name, it is as though women don 't even matter enough to name. Women in the Heart of Darkness are only given titles. For example:, Kurtz’s intended and Marlow’s aunt. These titles come from their proximity to man. This is a clear decision by the author to leave the women of his story nameless as to make them seem more insignificant. This is contrasted by the use of names for Marlow, Kurtz as well as Sir Francis Drake and Sir John Franklin (Conrad 104). The use of…

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