Analysis Of John Taylor Gatto 's ' Against School ' Essay examples

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Jared Korotzer
Professor Grady
Writing 1
31 October 2014
For School
In John Taylor Gatto’s essay, “Against School,” Gatto draws on his extensive experience as a teacher to argue that the American public education system does not exist to make students their personal best, but rather aims to create a large, manipulable work force incapable of challenging its government. This, he argues, is achieved by forcing authority on students from a young age, and then proceeding to breed each student for his or her specific role in society. While “Against School” does present an intriguing view of the modern education system, Gatto severely underestimates the value of the academic and social skills students learn by attending school. Furthermore, directly contradicting Gatto’s contention that school serves to oppress and integrate the American people, the introduction of mass schooling has actually led to one of the most protest heavy and innovative centuries in American history. In arguing that America’s “twelve-year wringer” is ineffective, Gatto claims that school forces kids to “learn, and do, foolish and boring things.” Forcing students to perform these tasks, he argues, functions solely so that “an elite group of caretakers” can diagnose and separate students into societal roles. This idea is meant to substantiate Gatto’s claim that schools do not exist to teach students anything useful, but rather to provide them with endless chores so that they can be easily manipulated later…

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