Essay Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' The Great Gatsby '

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Final Paper John Steinbeck reflects his own life in many of his short stories and novels. If it is not his own experiences, then it is how he feels towards a subject. Steinbeck was a very talented writer. He tells us about his life through his writing. In his “early adolescence he showed a strong interest in writing” (National). Steinbeck wrote for his high school newspaper. After high school, John enrolled at Stanford, where he increased his writing skills. Although he attended Stanford for five years, he did not receive a degree. He left Stanford in 1925 and went to live in New York, but living in New York did not last long. He later moved to California and finished his first novel Cup of Gold (National). He uses the world problems as muse to write the novels, “Steinbeck 's writing relied upon exhaustive personal research, and his novels primarily confronted the problems of the rural economy and labour force” (John). John Steinbeck’s life had an influence on the novels he wrote. To A God Unknown reflects on his past, “the stories in Pastures of Heaven are all set in an around the Salinas Valley, while the setting for To A God Unknown was inspired by the San Antonio Valley, near King City, where Steinbeck spent some time as a teenager” (National). Many of his novels reflected where he lived. His novel “The Red Pony incorporates events and imagery that Steinbeck witnessed as a boy” (National). He used Salinas Valley in his novels because he was “fascinated and familiar…

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