Analysis Of John Steinbeck 's ' Of Mice And Men ' Essay

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Lying on his bed in a hot cabin in Salinas Valley, Lennie Small discreetly plays with his new born puppy. Suddenly, his friend and mentor figure, George Milton realizes Lennie’s flawed actions and turns to the bigger man, instructing him to “get right up an’ take this pup back to the nest,” (39). George warns Lennie that he may kill the new born due to its extremely small size and young age, foreshadowing Lennie’s accidental murder of the fledgling dog later on. Much like these two men from John Steinbeck’s Of Mice and Men, Willie-Jay and Perry have a similar relationship, where Willie-Jay serves as Perry’s mentor and foreshadows his future gruesome actions with his advice. Despite his minor role in the story, Willie-Jay has a significant impact, as he also plays the role of the contrasting figure to Perry’s partner in crime, Dick Hickok, to create a balance of good/ evil influences on Perry. In his novel In Cold Blood, Truman Capote contrasts Dick and Willie-Jay’s characters, the latter of whom never makes an appearance, and in his keen analysis of Perry’s mentality, he foreshadows the Clutter murders. Willie Jay’s character functions as the complete opposite of Dick’s, to create a major contrast between the two main influential figures in Perry’s life. This contrast centers on Willie Jay’s and Dick’s relationships and interactions with Perry. Perry refers to Willie Jay as his "real and only friend," demonstrating the importance he had in Perry’s life. (42). Perry…

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