Essay about Analysis Of John Locke 's Manifesto

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John Locke definitely viewed liberty as something that is extremely important to the people of any given society. In John Locke’s second Treaties of civil government, he clearly outlined his worldview; one in which democracy should trump autocracy, a world where the individuals of any given country or society, have an opportunity to determine the direction and operation of such societies. To fully understand just how fundamental Locke believes liberty was to human beings is to first understand the reasons why he wrote the Treaties of civil government, in the first place. It is to be remembered that Locke wrote this particular piece of document in the 17th century, a time when the realization of true civil rights was nothing more than a figment of many peoples imagination.
It is reasonable for an individual to draw the conclusion that John Locke wrote his manifesto in order to throw his weight behind the revolution in England. In addition to this, John Locke wanted to impart his political philosophies on those individuals who he believed would benefit from such philosophies, to him, that meant the whole society. John Locke viewed liberty as fundamental to what it means to be human beings. He theorized that the responsibility of government and the responsibility of free individuals, was to ensure that they continue to fight to live in a free society, where they enjoy liberty, they enjoy their life and they enjoy any property which they have lawfully acquired (Ashcraft, 2013).…

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