Essay about Analysis Of John Green Has Made A Lot Of Choices

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Thank you for your attention, ladies and gentlemen of the jury on this important case. As this trial wraps up, I would just like to remind all of you that everyone makes choices in life, and some individuals take the easy way out. John Green has made a lot of choices in life. He chose to marry the love of his life, Kelly Green. He chose to raise two children with Kelly. He also chose to become a police officer. However, he did not choose to murder his wife. That decision was made by someone else. Mr. VanKamp. Mr. VanKamp had no reason to be at the soccer game. He did not have any children, which he blamed Kelly for that. He did not even live in that town. Instead, he admitted to intentionally stalking and harassing Kelly because he wanted to intimidate her. He wanted Kelly to fear him. He wrote a threatening note to Kelly that was found in the purse she was carrying when she was murdered. VanKamp also owns a unique FN 5.7 mm gun which shoots the same kind of unique bullet that killed Kelly. In addition, Mr. VanKamp won best shot at a shooting competition. Mr. VanKamp owns several guns, and he knows how to shot them. That day at the soccer game, Mr. VanKamp chose to murder Kelly Green. Meanwhile, John chose to watch his son play soccer and leave to take his other son to a birthday party. Does that sound like the actions of a killer? Or would a killer’s actions mirror those of Mr. VanKamp?

The prosecution brought up the insurance policy that Mr. Green bought about 5 months…

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