Analysis Of John Donne 's Poem, Let Mine Amorous Soul Court Thy Mild Dove

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Men and women have been at odds since the beginning of time; there has been much speculation as to who can love who more. The problem with the debate is that the controversy is over the amount of love rather than the type of love. With this stated, it can be assumed that the problem is no longer concerning the amount of love that a single person can have when compared to another, but rather the different style of love that is specific to the two sexes. In turn, the difference in love is basically a battle between the sexes for who has the better type of love. As John Donne writes in Sonnet 18, "let mine amorous soul court thy mild dove" (Donne line 12). Here Donne is attempting to question the strange phenomenon that occurs in the human ecosystem: Men courting women. This small excerpt is one of the many that come from the numerous poems Donne has written. Overall, Donne writes some the most insightful words that correlate with love. In analyzing John Donne 's poem Song, it can be concluded that; during the Renaissance period men and women based love off of an object attainability, and that love is not measured in an amount nor can it be described in words. Beginning with an analysis of John Donne’s poem Song, it can be concluded that Donne is struggling to decipher what love truly is and where it is found. Some scholars believe that Donne’s poems are actually about “Donne’s frustrated ambitions for socioeconomic, political power even when, especially when, he is…

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