Analysis Of John Bailey 's ' The Security Trap ' Essay

1111 Words Nov 21st, 2016 5 Pages
John Bailey, a top-tier expert in Mexican politics and security issues in Latin America, has written a comprehensive, well organized, and thoroughly documented book. Bailey tries explore the structural factors that shape criminally and government responses to crime within Mexico. His book, The Politics of Crime in Mexico:Democratic Governance in a Security Trap, introducing the links between security and democratic governance from a perspective few analysts other than Bailey, will become a classic reference for students, scholars, diplomats, journalists, and security-experts concerned about the influence of organized crime on Mexico’s democracy.
Instead of pursuing to address a comprehensive history of drug trafficking in Mexico, Bailey focuses on the various factors that influence and enable crime in Mexico. Given the main importance of citizen security to democracy, this book begins with the explanation of the title concept, ‘the security trap’, illustrating why and how Mexico is in a situation where “crime, violence, corruption and impunity becomes mutually reinforcing in civil society, state and regime, and override efforts to build ethical democratic governance”(p.8). Bailey describes the security trap “the majority of the Latin American countries are trapped in a low-level of equilibrium in which problems of insecurity interact with weak, inefficient-even predatory-judicial and regulatory institutions and constitute major causes of poor quality democracy”(p. 9).…

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