Analysis Of Jay Gatsby: Representation Of The American Dream

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Gatsby got his money by doing criminal activities , that 's how Gatsby got rich. Jay Gatsby was the representation of the American dream. Gatsby was a real passionate man who chased his dreams , and would stop at nothing to fulfill them. Even if it meant being a criminal. He was chasing his vision of the American dream since he was young. Fitzgerald, F. Scott, and Matthew J. Bruccoli. The Great Gatsby. N.p.: n.p., n.d. Print.
He was chasing after Daisy since he was young also. So why was Jay Gatsby representation of the American dream? What was Gatsby raised like? How did he become the man that he grew up to be?
“ If personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures, then there was something gorgeous about him, some heightened sensitivity
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But he did it all to be around who he thought was his soulmate Daisy. “He says he 's read a Chicago paper for years on the chance of catching a glimpse of Daisy 's name.” why would he read papers just to see her? Why didn 't he just go out and find her the last place he saw her when he came back from the war? In my opinion i would say maybe he was a shy, obsessive man. Atleast he didn 't stand outside her yard waiting for her. Gatsby kept newspaper clippings of all the letters Daisy had sent him, he kept pictures of Daisy and all his memories of daisy in a book.That is so sweet. But that method keeping every newspaper clipping you see of a girl is real stalkerish. But Daisy didn 't seem to mind , she thought it was real sweet of him. By bringing up these simple things he did for daisy, gives a better of image of what kind of man Gatsby was. Which was an obsessive, sweet, and really passionate kind of man. Gatsby seemed to really care for …show more content…
They literally ruined his life, and Daisy broke his heart. Daisy seems to be torn between the two of tom and Gatsby. It seems like Gatsby she wants her fantasy of Gatsby, but at the same time she is attracted to power and wealth, that 's all she cares about . So she doesn 't want to leave Tom for Gatsby because she is already married and already has the security she needs. Daisy is a daydreamer who expresses her desire to to escape. she even tells Gatsby that they should runaway. Gatsby doesn 't want to runway he wants to stay in West egg in the house that he bought to be by her. But Gatsby wants her to live with him. Gatsby already had his mind made up about him and Daisy and the fantasy life they were going to live. Myrtle Wilson was killed by a car driven by Daisy who was very emotional. Tom blamed it on Daisy and that 's what led to Gatsby 's death. Mr. Wilson shot him while he was in the pool. Why did Daisy let Gatsby take the blame for it? Daisy didn 't really care for Gatsby at all. “ instead she chooses life and the seemingly inevitable workings of history. She forces the story to be played out to its logical conclusion: Gatsby 's purgative death and her own estrangement from love. Despite Nick 's judgment of her carelessness and "basic insincerity," her conspiratorial relationship with Tom, Daisy is victimized by a male tendency to project a self-satisfying, yet ultimately dehumanizing, image on woman. If

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